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The students are encouraged and guided by faculty to carry out more than curriculum based experiments, certain innovative research oriented projects. The laboratories are fully equipped with latest sophisticated machines. Some of the major equipments which are available in the various laboratories are different types of DC Machines, AC Machines, Transformers, Bridges, Choppers, Inventors, CROs, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Function Generators, Resistor, Inductor and Capacitors boxes etc., besides 50 numbers of core2Duo systems for Power System simulation laboratory.

Lab Facilities

  • Electrical Machines Laboratory -I
  • Electrical Machines Laboratory-II
  • Electrical Circuits Laboratory
  • Control System Laboratory
  • Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Measurements & Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Electrical Devices & Circuits Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  • Power Simulation Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory