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Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE). The Department was started in the year 1998, offering Bachelor Degree programme (B.E.) in Instrumentation Engineering later converted to Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in the year 2003 with 60 intakes. It is a core field emphasizing it's importance in the control room of all Industries.

An eminent professor with 10 years of vast Industrial experience in the field of Process Control took the lead in setting the pace of the course. The Department was engaged by a team of Faculty members who are very dedicated to the student's community and had expertise knowledge in various fields of Instrumentation.

The Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering department has an environmentally cool atmosphere. The students will be at ease to know the functioning of various equipments and systems practically. In addition the lab is provided with a spacious air conditioned conference hall and department library. The department library has a collection of various books related to Instrumentation and other modern technologies. The total volumes including references in college and department, are around 3000.

The Labs are functioning in their individual enclosures with modern floor separated by glass windows and providing a conducive atmosphere for conducting practical experiments and the department has its own Association.

The department has submitted a proposal to the AICTE for grants to conduct various seminars for students. In association with INSAT - Student's Association, department has organized many events such as panel discussion, Group discussion, Techtalk, Paper presentation, Technical quiz, Software debugging, Logical Thinking under the Symposium named INSIGNIA, for the welfare of students to improve their technical skills and their organizing skills.


Technology towards total automation in Instrumentation and Process Control Engineering.


Providing a value based professional education with quality infrastructure, modern teaching methodologies and full-fledged lab facilities, having latest automation technologies on SCADA, DCS, MATLAB, LABVIEW, PLC.

To provide right blend of theory and practice thereby enabling the students to become right professionals with high ethical values.

To empower and imbibe problem solving capabilities, create passion for learning, foster innovation, nurture talents towards serving society and country

Program Outcomes

Ability to understand and apply differential equations, integrals, matrix theory, probability theory and Laplace, Fourier and Z transformations for engineering problems

Ability to understand and apply basic science, circuit theory, control theory and signal processing concepts to engineering problems.

Ability to model and analyze transducers.

Ability to understand and analyze Instrumentation systems and their applications to various industries.

Ability to understand and analyse process control engineering problems.

Ability to understand and analyse, linear and digital electronic circuits.

Ability to review, prepare and present technological developments.

Ability to form a group and develop or solve engineering hardware and problems

To understand and apply computing platform and software for engineering problems.

To understand ethical issues through communication, environmental impact and acquire management skills.


Attain a solid foundation in the mathematical, science and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and synthesis the engineering problems and pursue higher studies.

Possess technical knowledge for professional careers in Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical and control related fields, that cater to the needs of industries. Carrying out project works in recent instrumentation engineering field and to synthesize technical concepts for applications, so as to design the control systems for equipments and processes, proficiently.

Process a good communication skill with ability to work collaboratively in groups, lead teams, understand their professional and ethical responsibilities, thus contributing immensely with heuristic approach.


Measurements & Instrumentation Lab


Transducer & Industrial Instrumentation Lab


Process Control Lab


Department Library


Electronics Lab

Department University Ranks

Year – April / May 2014
S.No Name Place Photos
1. C.Antony Prince First Rank
2. A.Asha Second Rank b
3. M.Sangeetha Third Rank
4. S.Gayathri Seventh Rank

BEC Exam results (2012-2016 Batch)

First Name Result Score Session Name Assessment Name Rank
KANE MARIO NETTO Pass with Distinction 87/100 July BA (AM1) 2015 CB BEC P 1
SD. KLIBA MEERAL JINNAH NISHA Pass with Merit 84/100 July BA (AM1) 2015 CB BEC P 2
S. LOUGESH KUMAR Pass with Merit 82/100 July BA (AM1) 2015 CB BEC P 3

Various Projects & Grants Received

S.No scheme Title Funding Agencies Amount in Rs/- Year Status
1 Seminar National Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Process Control and Instrumentation’, INPEC ’12 AICTE Rs. 1,00,000/- 2011-2012 Completed
2 Seminar National Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Process Control and Instrumentation’, INPEC ’12 CSIR Rs.30,000/- 2011-2012 Completed
3 Seminar National Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Process Control and Instrumentation’, INPEC ’13 AICTE Rs. 2,00,000/- 2012-2013 Completed
4 Seminar National Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Process Control and Instrumentation’, INPEC ’13 CSIR Rs.20,000/- 2012-2013 Completed
5 Innovation Promotion Scheme New Idea Programme AICTE Rs. 1,50,000/- 2012-2013 Completed
6 Young Scientist Fellowship Young Scientist Fellowship TNSCST Rs.20.000/- 2012-2013 Completed
7 CAYT Career Award for Young Teachers AICTE Rs. 4,20,000/- 2012-2013 Completed
8 Student Project Scheme SPS TNSCST Rs.10,000/- 2012-2013 Completed

Professional Bodies

S.No Name of the professional societies / Chapter No of students Enrolled
1. INSAT : Instrumentation Students Association of Technocrats 64
2. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- IEEE 30
3. Instrumentation Systems and Automation Society - ISA USA 64

Department Toppers

S.NO. Batch Topper Percentage
1. 2012-2016 Mohamed Ashik.M 7.76
2. 2012-2016 Syed Kaliba Meeral Nisha 7.74
3. 2012-2016 Ahamed Khanjula.A 7.61
4. 2011-2015 Sathish T 8.26
5. 2011-2015 Suthish M 8.13
6. 2011-2015 Kowsalya I 7.8
7. 2011-2015 Meena 7.81
8. 2011-2015 Pavithra.V 7.86
9. 2010-2014 C. Antony Prince  8.57
10. 2010-2014 A.Asha  8.41
11. 2010-2014 M. Sangeetha  8.39
12. 2010-2014 S.Gayathri  8.31
13. 2010-2014 R.Anitha 7.97

University Rank

S.NO. Batch Name University Rank
1. 2010-2014 C. Antony Prince  1
2. 2010-2014 A.Asha  2
3. 2010-2014 M. Sangeetha  3
4. 2010-2014 S.Gayathri  7
5. 2009-2013 Ramya Stephygraph L 2
6. 2009-2013 Punitha Karthika M 12
7. 2009-2013 Vinothini N 13

Brief history of the Department Association

The Department has its own Association under the name INSAT INstrumentation Students Association of Technocrats .

The following technical events are conducted by  INSAT in association with ISA, IEI .

  1. A National level technical Symposium - INSIGNIA
  2. Guest Lectures: brings in experts from various areas to update their knowledge on recent trends in Instrumentation.
  3. Industrial Visits to various core companies.
  4. Workshops on Industrial Automation namely
    • Hands on training in DCS & Field Instruments given by Yokogawa, Bangalore to our students every year.
    • Lab View Core 1 & Core 2 Training and Ultisim & Multiboard Training given by National Instruments, Bangalore, to our students every Year.
    • PCB Fabrication
    • Hands on Training in " Basic Electronics" and "Embedded Systems"
    • Hands on Training in on PLC & SCADA.

Events Conducted

S.No Date Event Name Description Chief Guest
1. 22.09.16 Guest Lecture Innovations in Instrumentation Mr. V. Thiyagarajan, Senior Manager, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd
2. 26.09.16 Guest Lecture Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Mr. Sujan , Senior Research Fellow, ICE Dept NIT, Trichy
3. 18.08.15 Guest Lecture PLC and its Applications Mr. P. Samuthirapandi, DGM, Control & Instrumentation Division, BHEL, Trichy
4. 26.06.15 Guest Lecture Automation in Cement Industries Mr.A.Sivakumar, Sr.General Manager, Dalmia Cement (Bharath) Ltd
5. 21.02.2015 Guest Lecture Overview of thermal power plant and instrumentation Mr. Balan, Instrumentation Engineer, Mettur Thermal Power Plant, Mettur
6. 03.07.14 Seminar PLC based projects Mr. S. Winny, Trend Instrumentation and Automation Pvt. Ltd, Tiruchirappalli
7. 15.07.2014 Guest Lecture Latest Trends in Instrumentation Sri. S. Jayaprakash, Former Senior DGM, Instrumentation Division, BHEL, Trichy
8. 15.07.2014 Guest Lecture Motivation Speech and Kaya Kalpa Practice Arulnidhi. Mala Jayaprakash, SKY trust, BHEL
9. 02.09.2014 Guest Lecture Latest Development in Power Plant Instrumentation Sri. S. Jayaprakash, Former Senior DGM, Instrumentation Division, BHEL, Trichy

Seminar / Workshop / Conference Organized

S.No Date Program Name Details Prizes/Recognition
1. 13.07.2016 -
Workshop PLC & SCADA Mr. Satyanarayanan & Mr. Ranganathan, from Microwin Automation Solutions, Trichy.
2. 21.08.2015 -
Workshop Workshop on Basic Electronics Mr. Tamil Vendan, Lift Technologies, Trichy
3. 18.08.2016 -
Industrial Visit Central Power Research Institute Bangalore
4. 09.08.2016 Industrial Visit Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd Neyveli.
5. 27.07.2016 -
FDP Industrial Automation Mr. Satyanarayanan & Mr. Ranganathan, from Microwin Automation Solutions, Trichy
6. 16.07.2016 Industrial Visit Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. Dalmiapuram
7. 20.02.2015 Medical Visits Doctors Diagnostic Center, Trichy  
8. 20.01.2015 - 24.01.2015 Hands on Training on DCS Yokogawa India Limited, Bangalore Best Core Company in Instrumentation
9. 11.01.14 PCB Fabrication Mr.Kasturirangan  
10. 18.01.2014 - 23.01.2014 LABVIEW Core 1& Core 2 National instruments  
11. 23.06.2014 - 27.06.2014 Multisim  and UltiBoard and LABVIEW Core 1 National instruments  
12. 15.02.14 New Idea Programme Dr.R.Varadhan,IIT , Madras Sponsored by AICTE
13. 23.09.13 - 27.09.13 Hands on training on “Distributed Control System and Field Instruments” Yokogawa India Ltd  
30.09.16 Mohamed Fahad , Dawood Basha Project Expo K. Ramakrishnan College of Technology,
II Prize
19.09.16 Elakkiya, Goldwin Max , Priyadharsini , Enbasagari Surprise Event J.J.C.E.T,
II Prize
19.09.16 Mohamed , Ramesh, Abiyuth, Sabari Dream Team J.J.C.E.T,
II prize
19.09.16 Dawood Basha. J, Nadeemusha Mohamed Ilyas, Manimaran. Ilakiya & Goldwin Max Paper Presentation J.J.C.E.T,
10.09.16 Saaliha Saba , Mohamed Paper Presentation & Quiz Annai Mathammal Sheela Engg College,
II prize
10.09.16 Goldwin Max, Elakkiya, Mohamed Ilyas, Manimaran Paper Presentation & Quiz Annai Mathammal Sheela Engg College,
08.09.15 Suresh Kannan, Hemanathan Debugging M.A.M College  of Engg,
I prize
30.09.2015 SafiqAhamed, Ajeemdeen PPT M.A.M School of Engg,
I prize
30.09.2015 SafiqAhamed, Ajeemdeen Quiz M.A.M School of Engg,
I prize
29.09.2015 SureshKannan ,Rajkamal PPT A.V.C College of  Engg,
29.09.2015 Mohamed Ilyas, DawoodBasha PPT A.V.C cCollege of Engg,Mayiladuthurai. PARTICIPATION
14.09.2015 Sureshkannan, Hemanathan Circuit debugging M.A.M College of Engg,
I prize
12.09.2015 Sureshkannan project  Erode Sengunther college of Engg,Perundurai. PARTICIPATION
12.09.2015 Syed Mohammed  InamulHaq Conference Teri university,
New Delhi.
Sureshkannan, Thenappan
Selvaperumal, Mariselvam
Mohamed Aisf, Madhavaraj, Prasanth, M.Vignesh
Workshop SRM university,
04.09.2015 Sureshkannan, Sindhu
Sabrinathan, Meeral Jinnah Nisha, Madhavaraj, Ajithkumar, Hemanathan
Workshop M.Kumaraswamy college of Engg,Karur. PARTICIPATION
08.09.14. T.Sathish, Thirumalai Nambi Raja Paper Presentation K.Ramakrishnan College of Tech,Samayapuram. III prize
18.08.14 Rajeswari and Kowsalya Cock-Tail Saranathan Engineering College,Trichy. III prize
18.08.14 Natarajan and Sathyaprakash Astavadhini (Multitasking Saranathan Engineering College
II prize

The Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Students have also done some viable projects such as :

  • GSM terminals with coin box.
  • Wireless monitoring of Green house system.
  • Elephant menace control in agriculture using load cell applications.
  • Smart ABC system for four wheelers.
  • Developing a smart brick for seismic alarming system useful for multistory structures.
  • Simulation of force to torque sensor using FEA CAD tool.
  • Automatic recognition of cardiac arrhythmias based on neural networks.
  • Non invasive method of blood saturation measurement for sportsman potential analyzing.
  • Energy harvesting and power management using maximum power point tracking.
  • Fully integrated smart footwear for energy harvesting.
  • ECG signal classification using neural network in mat lab and LabVIEW.
  • PLC based SCADA system implementation for petroleum storage and safe transportation.


3 Arunpandian S ALCATEL-LUCENT
6 Sachin Narendiran R ALCATEL-LUCENT
7 Sathis Kumar K Sutherland(BPO) & HCL (BPO)
12 Sarithra A KocharInfotech Pvt ltd(KPO)
13 Serlin Maria T HCL (BPO)
14 Revathy R HCL B-SERVE
15 Kanmani M HCL Carrier Development Center

Mrs. K. Ghousiya Begum

E-mail : hod_eie@mamce.org

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