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Program Outcomes

Ability to understand and apply differential equations, integrals, matrix theory, probability theory and Laplace, Fourier and Z transformations for engineering problems

Ability to understand and apply basic science, circuit theory, control theory and signal processing concepts to engineering problems.

Ability to model and analyze transducers.

Ability to understand and analyze Instrumentation systems and their applications to various industries.

Ability to understand and analyse process control engineering problems.

Ability to understand and analyse, linear and digital electronic circuits.

Ability to review, prepare and present technological developments.

Ability to form a group and develop or solve engineering hardware and problems

To understand and apply computing platform and software for engineering problems.

To understand ethical issues through communication, environmental impact and acquire management skills.


Attain a solid foundation in the mathematical, science and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and synthesis the engineering problems and pursue higher studies.

Possess technical knowledge for professional careers in Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical and control related fields, that cater to the needs of industries. Carrying out project works in recent instrumentation engineering field and to synthesize technical concepts for applications, so as to design the control systems for equipments and processes, proficiently.

Process a good communication skill with ability to work collaboratively in groups, lead teams, understand their professional and ethical responsibilities, thus contributing immensely with heuristic approach.

Electronics & Instrumentation

Upcoming Events

Workshop on MATLab and LAB View at Galwin Technology, Trichy for III Year EIE

Workshop on PCB Design for II Year EIE

Presentation day for All Year EIE

Guest Lecture on Emerging Trends in Process control and Automation in Industries by Mr. Dhilip Kumar Senior Section Engineer,Chettinad Cements, Ariyalur for All Year EIE

Industrial Visit to Process and Automation Industry for All Year EIE