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Hostels for boys and girls are available with facilities like 24 hour uninterrupted power supply, pure water facilities, attached mess with hygienic food and with fool – proof security system.


Application for admission to the hostel shall be made in the prescribed form. An applicant will be admitted in the hostel with the approval of the Warden / Principal.

Every student before he is admitted to the hostel must give an undertaking in writing that he / she will submit himself / herself to any rules & regulations imposed by authorities. This shall be endorsed by the parent / guardian also in the attached declaration form.At the time of admission, the applicant should remit the fee as prescribed by the college.

    • Accommodation

    The rooms are furnished with tables and cots for the students. Each room is provided with fans. Hostel rooms are bath-attached.

    At a time only two of the three persons holding the identity card are strictly permitted to meet the inmates and that too only on Sundays between 10.00am – 6.00p.m. on any account any other person not holding the identity card will not be permitted to meet any of the inmates.

    Telephone facilities are made available in the hostel. The inmates should talk to their parents / guardians only. All letter correspondence should be made by the inmates only through Deputy Warden.

    Rules & Regulations

      • * Strict Discipline should be maintained in the Hostel.
      • * Silence should be maintained during the compulsory Study hours (5.00am – 6.00am & 6.00pm – 8.00pm). No student is permitted to loiter along the corridor during the study hours. Violation of this rule will be viewed seriously.
      • * Every student holds the responsibility to keep their rooms neat and tidy. The warden is empowered to dispose anything (including dresses) from the untidy rooms. The students who violate this will not be permitted to go home on weekends.
      • * Hostel common properties are meant for common use and taking them for personal or group use is not entertained.
      • * No student is permitted to stay back in the hostel, even if they are sick, without the permission of the warden.
      • * The warden should be kept informed of the sick students in the room to provide them with the necessary medical assistance and constant monitoring.
      • * Carrying food in Tiffin boxes is strictly prohibited.
      • * Complaints should be addressed to the faculty allotted and solutions should be drawn with the concern of the respective faculty.
      • * Possessing personal mobile phone is strictly banned. If found it will be seized and serious action will be taken on the possessor and the owner.
      • * Hostel mobile can be used only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 8.00pm and 10.00pm. In case of emergency, with the permission of the warden, the hostel mobile can be used on other days.
      • * Every student should submit a separate permission letter to go home and they should sign in the movement register. Failure to adhere to this rule will be considered seriously.
      • * The visitors with the valid Identity Card, authorized by the parents and countersigned by the warden only will be permitted to meet the students or take them home.
      • * Students returning from home should reach the college hostel before 6.30pm.

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